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Organizational Management & Continuous Improvement

Lugan Consulting helps you to develop your companies by creating adapted solutions that best meet your objectives. Our vocation is to support the development of your company's strategy, and in the management of short, medium and long-term changes

Industrial Diagnostic

Any evolution begins with a good understanding of the existing situation. The first step is to make a clear and objective assessment:

  • Which performance drivers for your company?
  • Continuous improvement (Lean Management and Lean Six Sigma): How to optimize your processes and improve your working conditions?
  • Risk management: How to detect, analyze and prevent risks in your company?


Continuous Improvement

Through a proven Lean Six Sigma approach, Lugan Consulting works on all your processes in order to define the axes of improvement, implement a continuous improvement approach and management plans adapted to your environment:

  • Lean Management
  • Lean Six Sigma 
  • Project Management : The fundamentals of project management
  • Change Management
  • Problem solving methods and tools: How to solve a problem effectively?

Our solution are 100% customized to meet your expectations as closely as possible.​