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Optimize your systems

 Lugan Consulting, a specialist in the pharmaceutical industry, operates in the fields of Pharmaceutical Quality System, People Management and Organizational Management. Our vocation is to support, advise and train top managers, operational managers and company employees to help them develop their skills. Lugan Consulting provides strategic and operational consulting services, as well as employee training and support. Lugan Consulting operates in the fields of Management (individual and collective), Process Optimization (Lean Management) by combining Performance and Employee Well-Being at work.



Make an inventory of your human and managerial processes to define the areas for improvement!



Determine with you your objectives, your constraints (budgets, deadlines,...) and determine all the technical specificities of your project.



Launch projects, monitor the work and report regularly on progress.



Foster teamwork and support managers and executives in getting teams to support their projects.



Plan a strict control of all operations after each intervention to ensure an effective result.

Our vision

Our vision is based on 2 pillars: 

  • Management: how to develop and make your employees grow? How to move from a logic of individuals to a collective logic?
  • Process optimization: how to make your current processes simpler, more fluid, more efficient, more Lean?

The purpose of our action is to achieve the well-being of each employee: how to be more efficient at work by combining optimization and well-being? What are the drivers available to managers and employees to feel better in their professional environment?

Our values

Pragmatism: "Because the company must constantly adapt to its environment, Lugan Consulting bases its action on a constantly renewed experience, realistic, tangible proposals and practical solutions".

Integrity: "Because we are in search of authenticity, coherence of the individual and honesty, Lugan Consulting always orients its action in the respect of the human person".

Adaptability: "Because each situation is different, each problem is unique, Lugan Consulting provides you with a tailor-made solution".

Trust: "Because trust is the company's cement with its employees, we focus our energy on dialogue, solidarity and team cohesion".

Optimize your tools and time


Optimize your tools and time
to improve efficiency !

Organization and Process


Optimize your processes and develop your organization

Optimization et Development

These are two essential skills anchored in Lugan Consulting's DNA to improve your processes. 
If you want to optimize, simplify and expand your operations, call on our experts! We develop solutions with your teams, within your companies. 
We analyze your processes to implement strategies and improvement tools specific to your environment.
Through problem-solving approaches and the implementation of Lean tools, we offer you a constructive, educational and stimulating approach for your teams.
Process optimization is a reality, make it a priority and discover our continuous improvement projects: Kaizen, 5S, Problem Solving Methods (Ishikawa)


Increase your productivity !

Optimisation de l'organisation


Time savings allow you to optimize your workload and also contribute to the well-being of all your employees!

Mobilize all your teams!


Empower motivation of your team!
Drive efficiently your projects

Team management

Team Management

The pillars of management !


Piliers du management EN

Federating around a project and motivating your teams

Team Management

Today's leaders and managers are expected to become real animators!

Well-being at work, employee involvement, recognition of skills, personal development,... these are the keys to the success of tomorrow's companies.

Lugan Consuting analyses your managerial structure to define a training plan for your employees.

By encouraging your managers to adopt constructive postures with their teams and use "Agile" methods, Lugan Consulting helps you to create a working environment conducive to the well-being of all.

Lugan Consulting sets up training sessions for your teams and follows them over time to provide a real increase in their skills.


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